Parenting Interaction: (In English & Spanish)

Our Parenting class is designed to equip parents with tools that will improve their parenting skills and impart family values that are lacking in this generation.  As we conduct this class, children are encouraged to take part in the group and share their side of the subject matter.  We feel this enlightens the parents to hear first hand how their child might be thinking regarding different situations at home. 

  We believe that  healthy parenting has to do with good communication with family members also  including their troubled teens.  Creating a group of parents accompanied  with their family member and expressing their thoughts and feelings to  one another is a key factor in resolving family conflict and lack of  communication.  Both the parent and the family member attend this group  and interact with one another.  

Class Schedule

Class is held on Saturdays from 12:pm to 2:pm

Class Fee

1st. option:    $20  per. session for  10-Sessions

2nd. option:  $10 per session  for 16-Sesions for those who can not afford the 1st. option.

We work with all clients  regarding their payments.   Note:  We work with anyone that does not have the money for their class at the time of  their class. We will not hold them from attending their class due to lack of funds.  We will work it out for a later date to make payment. 

How to Register?

Be sure to call us first and make an appointment.  Make sure to bring all necessary paper work  that you were given from court stating that you were ordered to attend a Parenting class.  (Ex.  Minute order)