Youth Parenting


Pregnant and Teen Parenting

Pregnant and Parenting teens often are balancing their lives and being a  parent. Ensuring that adolescent parents receive adequate social and  emotional, medical, and academic support is essential to the parent and  the baby’s future. Find information on parenting tips, resources, to  support pregnant and parenting teens. 

The most effective parenting  strategy with teens is to focus on the relationship. Punishments just  drive your teen away and make it less likely that you'll have the  information about what's going on in his/her life that you need to be a good  parent. 

Parents learn how to understand  teenagers for effective parenting and encourage a healthy and successful  transition to adulthood. Calm Parents Are Better Able to Help  Children Handle Frustrations as they come to play.  Set Your Child Up for  Success by Teaching Healthy Boundaries. 

We use Biblical-sound insight and information to help parents understand the developmental stages of their  teens and covers topics like communication, freedom, independence,  responsibility, moodiness, character development, peer pressure,  boundaries and more.

Class Fee

$20 for the intake and $10 per class for a period of 12 weeks or three months.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Saturday's from 1:pm to 2:pm. 

How to Register

Be sure to call us first and make an appointment.  Make sure to bring all necessary paper work  that you were given from court stating that you were ordered to attend a Youth Parenting class.  Walk in's are invited to the class.