Who We Are


Our Mission Statement:


It  is our mission to equip struggling teens with the knowledge and skills  that will allow them to not only remain drug free, also to graduate from  high school, excel into college, becoming respectful, productive  members of society.  We feel that we are not only responsible for their  success, but more so the outcome of their failure.  We must act now and  address these critical issues before their lifestyle prevent them from  reaching short and long term life goals.

 Program Philosophy:

It is the philosophy of S.O.B.E.R. International  to  assist persons with developing and maintaining coping skills that  facilitate adjustment and integration within their living environments  and community. Clients and family members are empowered to make  decisions about their care with the expected outcome of an increased  quality of life. 


Mr. Daniel & Cynthia Garcia

 Our Story:

  •       In 1997, my wife and I and her four children were homeless for eleven  months due to a combination of drug use and our welfare system.  We  found ourselves sleeping in parks, banded cars, campgrounds and where  ever else we could have laid our heads. 
  •      As we shared with  other homeless people, we spent hours and hours sharing with them and  asking them questions like, “How did they become homeless and what they  had thought of it.  Most of them denied that it had to do with drug use  and some of them stated that they enjoyed not having any  responsibilities.  “Well, that wasn’t the case with us!” We wanted help,  but people just didn’t look our way.  Sometimes people made us feel  like if we were invisible to them. 
  •      Towards the end of our  homelessness.  We were invited to a little church call ‘Trinity full  Gospel” where we received Jesus Christ as our savior and was prophesize  by a pastor that we had a calling in our lives to help  families who are  in need. The season had come that God opened the doors for us to  fulfill HIS word by opening our own Counseling Center and Transitional  living home.
  •      My wife and I stand firm that “GOD will not give us a vision without the provision.” 
  •  GOD is Good!  


Pet Therapy Princess

  •  Pet therapy is a guided interaction between a person and a trained  animal. It also involves the animal’s handler. The purpose of pet  therapy is to help someone recover from or cope with a health problem or  mental disorder. 

Dogs and cats are most commonly used in pet  therapy. However, fish, guinea pigs, horses, and other animals that meet  screening criteria can also be used. The type of animal chosen depends  on the therapeutic goals of a person’s treatment plan.

 The goals of a pet therapy program can include: 

  • increasing self-esteem
  • increasing verbal communication 
  • developing social skills
  • increasing willingness to join in activities
  • improving interactions with others

Other benefits of pet therapy include:

  • making you happier, lessening depression, and improving your outlook on life
  • decreasing loneliness and isolation by giving you a companion
  • reducing boredom
  • reducing anxiety because of its calming effects
  • helping children learn empathic and nurturing skills

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